KBank Dramatically Improves Relationship Manager Performance

As one of the top banking groups in the country, Kasikorn Bank is constantly endeavoring to be a more customer-centric organization, and with this goal, they recognize that a solid customer information system is key to providing exceptional service to their existing and prospective customers.

Kbank Customer

By simplifying processes, large enterprises like KBank are able to focus more on their customers than ever.  See More Industries Beryl8 cater to.

With Salesforce, Kasikorn Bank was able to empower their sales team by simplifying how they access information and sales processes. By being able to manage opportunities, campaigns, leads, and prospects, now, a 360-degree customer profile is consolidated in a fast and reliable system, allowing the sales team to focus more on nurturing relationships than paperwork. Likewise, with collaboration, tracking, and reporting made easier, management has complete visibility and realistic view of the state of business and how closer they are to their goals.

By eliminating barriers to information and equipping employees with the tool to be successful, Kasikorn Bank saw the dramatic improvement in the performance their Relation Managers.