Corporate Governance

Beryl8 operates the business with ethics, transparency, and good corporate governance. Corporate Governance is a management and operational foundation that is emphasized and encouraged at every level in the organization to create fairness and transparency. We are committed to adding value to our customers and shareholders in the long run, creating confidence of every stakeholder, and promoting the company’s competitive capability for sustainable growth.

Beryl8's Corporate
Governance Principles

  1. Board of Directors’ Responsibilities in Creating Sustainability
  2. Vision to Create Long-Term Added Value and Sustainability
  3. Board of Directors’ Efficient Performance of Duties
  4. Appointment of Strong and Qualified members of the Board of Directors
  5. Enhancement of Innovation and Social Responsibility
  6. Effective Risk Management and Internal Controls
  7. Reliability of Financial Reporting
  8. Communication with and Protecting the Rights and Interests of Shareholders to Maintain the Confidence of Shareholders and Stakeholders

Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy

Beryl8 holds itself at all times as a socially responsible corporate citizen. Any corruption and bribery shall not be tolerated at all levels.

All directors and employees are required to comply with Beryl8’s Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy (“Policy”). The Policy prohibits all directors and employees of Beryl8 from soliciting or accepting every type of bribe, both in a direct or indirect manner in every business and related department. The Policy is to be reviewed regularly, which may include possible revisions of such policy and implementation provision in accordance to changes in the business, regulation, standard, and laws.

At Beryl8, we highly pride and value our relationship with clients and business partners. These relationships could not have been developed without open communication and collaboration which would be most effective when our external business partners clearly understand the values, principles and policies which guide Beryl8 in the conduct of business.

We commit to operate our business with honesty and integrity and to always comply with relevant laws and good corporate governance principles. We, then, respectfully request your understanding and cooperation in acknowledging that Beryl8 employees do not accept or give inappropriate Gifts or Entertainment that may appear as malfeasance and corruption.


Collective Action Against Corruption

Beryl8 is committed to maintaining high corporate ethical standards throughout its business operations. The company has been certified as a member of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) since November 2018.

Whistle Blowing Policy

Beryl8 has established a whistle blowing system to handle complaints, comments, or suggestions from stakeholders that affect or can potentially affect the company’s business operation. This may also include violation of the code of conduct, law-breaking, and any suspected corrupt practices by directors, executives or employees. The system includes a reporting channel, report-filing, verification, and summary of findings process, together with protection of the whistleblowers and related parties.

Affirming precisely that the information will be treated fairly and transparently, whistle blowers can file a report through Beryl8’s whistle-blowing system.


Code of Conduct

Beryl 8 Plus Co., Ltd. (“Company”) has established a code of conduct (“Business code of conduct”) as a standard practice that applies to company directors, executives, and employees at all levels to follow in accordance with their assigned duties. It also encourages executives to act as a good role model in their performance under the business code of conduct. It is important that the company executives and employees acknowledge, understand, and strictly follow the code to ensure that their performances are effective, open, transparent, based on maximum benefit to the company, and fair to all interested persons.

This business code of conduct is applied to all company directors, executives, and employees.